ViewSVN - web interface for viewing subversion repositories


ViewSVN provides simple and easy to set up web interface for viewing SVN repositories. Some features are: directory/file browsing at different revisions, diffing and log viewing.

It uses svn commandline tools so it works without direct repository access (but that can be used as well). The downside is that it may be rather slow, but hopefully that will be fixed in the future.

If you are looking for a feature-rich and robust subversion repository browser, this one is not for you. Try ViewCVS instead.


GNU General Public License v2.


You can


Apache, PHP4, Subversion. Five to ten minutes of time to set up.


Public demo is not available at this time, but you could search for repositories indexed by Google.

If you are using ViewSVN for a public open source project feel free to send me link and I can put it here.


Latest release is, released on 2007-10-31.

The old releases can be found in viewsvn.git gh-pages branch under download/, you can browse them on gitorious.

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